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  • Enbu Enbu

    Enbu offers a full range of classic Japanese dishes with fitting sake and wine pairings along with a grand view of The Fountain. The entire experience is elevated with the spectacle of dancing flames and lively entertainment as the guests indulge in a delicious and dynamic experience.

Okada Manila turns up the heat in the local culinary scene and introduces Enbu with the dancing flames of the grill as the restaurant’s inspiration.


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In the main dining area, Enbu’s stylish and inviting robata counters take center stage. Guests are called to take a seat and watch as our team of seasoned chefs make use of traditional Japanese cooking techniques, slow-grilling the finest meats and local produce over charcoal resulting to beautifully charred and full-flavored dishes with smoky aromas.

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11 AM – 11 PM
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