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  • The world is your plate The world is your plate
    The world is your plate

    The world, a plate and you, its taster. With over 21 dining experiences we at Okada Manila seek to excite your palate. Book an dining experience today.

Over 21 ways to excite your palate

With over 21 dining experiences from the fiery grills of Goryeo to the exquisite sushi at Ginza Nagaoka, our Michelin-star chefs create culinary experiences most unforgettable.

  • Summer's Flavors
  • Swimming In Flavor
  • Cheers And Beers
  • All You Can Eat KBBQ Feast
Our Chefs

The five-star integrated resort’s chefs traveled the most excellent of the world in order to bring their craft home.

  • Josef Teuschler
    Josef Teuschler
    "The unique experience at Okada Manila is enough to make it stick to your…Learn more
  • Yoshihiro Sugiyama
    Yoshihiro Sugiyama
    Chef Yoshihiro Sugiyama has devoted his career in Japanese cuisine for 20…Learn more
  • Gene del Prado
    Gene del Prado
    “Cooking from the heart; it is the gift that I can give in every menu that I…Learn more
  • Mikiya Imagawa
    Mikiya Imagawa
    Chef Mikiya Imagawa, the son of a Chinese restaurant owner, has devoted…Learn more
  • Junji Nagaoka
    Junji Nagaoka
    Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Chef Junji Nagaoka started his career as a…Learn more
  • Double Delights
  • Summer's Flavors
  • Cheers And Beers
  • Swimming In Flavor
  • All You Can Eat KBBQ Feast