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Terms and Conditions


As of 10 March 2022
By accessing and using Okada’s Online Casino Portal, RC Members are deemed to have read and fully understand Okada Manila’s Online Gaming Terms and Conditions.
The following Terms and Conditions shall govern the use of Okada’s Online Casino Portal and shall be read in conjunction with our:

Rewards Circle Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions; and Okada Manila’s Online Gaming Implementing Rules and Guidelines.

  • Okada’s Online Casino Portal can only be accessed and used by valid members of our Reward Circle Loyalty Program (RC Members) within the Philippine jurisdiction only. Valid RC Members are those who have no pending exclusion orders from PAGCOR or Okada Manila.
  • RC Members are only allowed to open one (1) Online Gaming account for personal use.
  • The Online Gaming account of the RC Member shall not be used for or on behalf of another person. The RC Member shall not allow or authorize any third party to access or use his or her account. RC Member shall, at all times, be responsible for any activity on his or her account.
  • RC Members are expected to never share their PIN with anyone. Any activities/transactions in your account are considered valid if your Member ID No and PIN have been entered correctly.
  • Okada’s Online Casino Portal is a service provided by Okada Manila in relation to its casino operations and shall not be used as a bank account.
  • Okada Manila may, in certain circumstances as provided in Okada Online Gaming Implementing Rules and Guidelines, conduct verification of your identity or sources of fund deposited.
Privacy Notice
  • By accessing or using Okada’s Online Casino Portal, the user consents to the collection, sharing or processing of his or her personal information in accordance with the Data Privacy Law and Okada Manila’s Data Privacy Policy. Okada Manila may from time to time process or share such personal information with other entities as may be required in its business processes and operations in accordance with its Data Privacy Policy or for purposes of complying with any legal, regulatory, governmental or judicial requirement.
Online Gaming
  • RC Members are aware of the possibility of winning or losing money when playing on any of our offered games. RC Members are solely responsible for and shall assume all losses incurred throughout its play.
  • RC Members fully understand the rules and procedures of all games, including their odds, payouts and betting limits offered in Okada Manila’s Online Casino Portal.
  • It is the RC Members’ responsibility to ensure the correctness of bets placed at all times.
  • The winnings may be subject to any taxes or fees which shall be for the account of the RC Member. RC Members shall be responsible for reporting the winnings and remitting the applicable taxes and fees, if any, to the appropriate authorities.
  • In the event of technical malfunctions, system error or any other errors in relation to the access or usage of the Okada’s Online Casino Portal, Okada Manila will resolve the issue/s in accordance with its standard operating procedures.
Restriction / Suspension / Termination of Online Gaming Account
  • Okada Manila may restrict, suspend or terminate your access and use of the Online Gaming account at any given time and at our own discretion, pending completion of identity or sources of fund verification.
  • Okada Manila may restrict or suspend your access and use of the Online Gaming account should there be any deposits and/or withdrawals from the RC Member Online Casino account without any corresponding gaming activity.
  • Okada Manila, at any time, has the right to suspend or terminate, without prior notice, the Online Gaming account of any RC Member who :
    1. Allowed, whether intentionally or not, another person to use its Online Gaming account;
    2. Attempted to defraud the system;
    3. Engaged in any fraudulent, irregular or criminal activities, such as but not limited to, collusion, cheating, money laundering, etc.;
    4. Violated any of these terms and conditions; or;
    5. Violated the regulations set by PAGCOR or Okada Manila’s policies and regulations.
      • The RC Member’s Loyalty Program membership shall also be suspended or terminated accordingly.
      • Upon termination of the Online Gaming account and membership from RC Loyalty Program the RC Member may also be endorsed to PAGCOR for banning.
Miscellaneous Provisions
  • Okada Manila does not guarantee that its Online Casino Portal will have uninterrupted availability or that it is infallible or that it will be free of bugs, viruses or other similar errors. We may, at our own discretion, temporarily suspend access to the Online Casino Portal without notice, due to circumstances such as system failure, maintenance, repair or such other reasons beyond our control.
  • Okada Manila shall not be held liable for any service interruption or any errors and results thereof caused by the RC Member’s internet provider or Okada Manila’s internet provider.
  • Okada Online Casino Portal may contain hyperlinks to external or third-party websites, including, but not limited to, content, products, programs, services or software, that are not operated or managed by Okada Manila. Okada Manila shall not be held responsible or liable for any of the information or representation contained in the third-party websites. Furthermore, in accessing the said third-party website, it is the RC Member’s sole responsibility to review the terms and conditions or any other provisions stipulated therein.
  • Okada Manila reserves the right to modify, change and revise these Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice or compensation and subject to compliance with PAGCOR regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, the right to postpone, temporarily halt, or terminate any services, offers and such other activities or transactions in Okada Manila’s Online Casino Portal at its sole and absolute discretion.
  • Okada Manila shall not be liable to any persons for any injuries, losses or damages in respect of, in connection with and/or arising from the access and utilization of Okada Manila’s Online Casino Portal.
  • All decisions of Okada Manila are final, conclusive and binding.
  • This Agreement shall be governed by and construed, in accordance with the laws of the Philippines. The parties shall use their best efforts to settle amicably all disputes arising out of or in connection with Okada Manila’s Online Casino Portal. In case litigation or judicial action becomes necessary, the parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the appropriate courts of Paranaque City, to the exclusion of all other venues.
  • The English language version of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail; all other versions of these Terms and Conditions are only provided for reference. These Terms and Conditions supersede all previously issued Terms and Conditions.

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