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A Symphony of Sumptuous Selections, Now Even Grander.

Medley Buffet returns to its cherished location with a host of exciting enhancements.

Experience the all-new Cheese Room, upgraded buffet stations, and a more expansive dining area. Delight in the finest buffet experience, now complete with three private dining rooms for an even more exclusive and intimate dining adventure.

Savor a wide array of culinary wonders, from local and international staples and specialties to a delightful selection of fresh seafood. Satisfy your sweet cravings with decadent treats in the dessert section.

Come and experience the flavors of the world in a grander setting at the all-new Medley Buffet.


Buffet Rates
(Monday to Sunday)
Adult Child
PHP1,700 nett PHP850 nett


Weekday Lunch
(Monday to Friday)
Adult Child
PHP2,700 nett PHP1,350 nett
Weekend Bubbly Lunch
(Saturday to Sunday)
Adult Child
PHP3,788 nett PHP1,888 nett


Weekday Dinner
(Monday to Thursday)
Adult Child
PHP3,488 nett PHP1,688 nett
Weekend Dinner
(Friday to Sunday)
Adult Child
PHP3,788 nett PHP1,888 nett


●    Rates may vary depending on the availability of menu items. For more information, please contact or call +632 8 555 5799.
●    The Cheese Room is open daily for lunch and dinner.
●    The child rate is applicable for guests 11 years old and below.



The Cheese Room

The distinctive Cheese Room is a temperature-controlled space elegantly constructed to preserve the excellence and quality of its abundant offerings. 
With a Cheese Ambassador present to assist both connoisseurs and curious eaters alike in their pursuit of the ultimate cheesy find. Guests are in for a treat as they choose from soft cheeses of the highest standard, a plethora of local cheeses, premium cold cuts, and a fun selection of olives to serve as side dishes.  
*The Cheese Room is only available for lunch and dinner and allows only up to 4 guests at a time. 




Salad Station

Guests are invited to start their gustatory journey at the salad station, where they are greeted by a lush assortment of mixed salads, breads, and canapés for special days and celebrations. Smoked fish are also one of the station’s many highlights, including tuna, snapper, and the local tanigue, though most often sought out is the salmon gravlax, intensively prepared by Medley Buffet’s chefs daily. 




Seafood Station

The seafood section contains a stunning assortment of fresh catches. From the widely craved lobster, crabs, shrimps, clams, and mussels—this array of truly indulgent choices holds every seafood lover’s dream. 




Japanese Station

The Japanese station is neatly categorized into two main sections. The cold section displays a bountiful selection of sushi, sashimi, and maki, all artfully and expertly crafted by the chefs. On the hot section, guests are treated to freshly made tempura, perfect for pairing with the traditional miso soup. 




Western Station

The western station is composed of a variety American and European fare, perfectly curated for those who wish to indulge in meat carvings and rice—including mouth-watering roasted prime ribs and paellas. 
A separate live-cooking space is dedicated for pasta lovers, where they can select their choice of pasta, sauce, and fresh ingredients for a dish that’s truly made to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites. 




Asian Station

The Asian station is as rich in choices as it is in flavors. Indian dishes offer guests a taste of different types of curry and naan. Filipino cuisine, of course, offers the best of local dishes—beloved favorites such as beef kaldereta, bulalo, laing, and a whole lechon, to name a few. Chinese cuisine features dim sum staples, as well as roast duck, lechon Macau, and soy chicken. For Korean fare, the traditional kimchi and other mouth-watering banchan are present, together with household staples like soup and grilled Korean meats. 




Noodle Station

The Noodle station offers guests noodles soups of every kind, with an abundant selection of noodles and broth, including Chinese, Thai, and Singaporean varieties. 




Dress code
6 – 10:30 AM
11:30 AM – 3 PM
6 – 11 PM
  • Afternoon Dim Sum & Tea
  • Sip And Splash
  • All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum
  • Summer Refreshers
  • Ultimate Hotpot Experience
  • 30% OFF At Medley Buffet
  • Cheers And Beers
  • Boozy Nights
  • All You Can Eat KBBQ Feast